Always aim for the best grade item

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To begin, you should complete quests that benefit Crafting encounter upon completion. Finishing Elemental Workshop 1 and 2 can land you around 12,500 Crafting encounter with minimal demands. Another way involves glassblowing on Entrana, which may be carried out by collecting Seaweed and making glass out of it. It can be an excellent spot to OSRS gold make some Crafting experience for both the new and more experienced adventurers. There is always option to tan cow hide but it's not as effective than methods over.

After hitting level 61 in Crafting, players should think about buying buckets of sand and soda ash out of Trader Crewmember at Port Khazard. This place can be rather crowded, so if there are no items in stock, Catherby and Corsair Cove traders do have exactly the very same products to offer you. By smelting those in the furnace, then you'll get molten glass used in the glassblowing process. By using a glassblowing pipe, then you'll be able to create Unpowered Orbs. To make this process even simpler, it is possible to complete Hand in the Sand quest. It's going to make NPC Bert give you 84 buckets of sand every day.

An alternative way of leveling at this stage can be carried out by purchasing gold ores from Blast Furnace and smelting them to bars necessary to craft Gold Bracelets. Those will give you vast amounts of Crafting expertise and can be later dissolved with High Alchemy for a little profit and extra Magic expertise. The best bet in this situation would be to visit Port Phasmatys and bulk purchase soda ash and buckets of sand. Following that, you should head to the furnace situated near the port and smelt them into molten glass used to make glass items. Always aim for Buy RS gold the best grade item. It's possible to increase your ability level to maximize experience gains. After crafting your items, sell them to general shop and change worlds to restock your origin. By doing so, they will grow Giant Seaweeds. Harvesting these patches can be quite rewarding since one little Seaweed equals six smaller ones. Adventurers who want to utilize this method is going to have to farm for Flippers, which fall from Mogres in 1/64 ratio.